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Fundraising support for the Skyline Kiwanis Club.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Support the Skyline Kiwanis Club and it’s charitable causes with a tax deductible contribution to the Skyline Longmont Kiwanis Foundation (SLK), the 501(c)3 approved charitable organization (EIN 47-1698210) and the fundraising arm of our club. Please Donate Today!


As our name implies we are closely aligned with the values and mission of Kiwanis International, service and assistance to those in need, and support for worthy causes.  Our local club, Skyline Kiwanis, has since its founding in 1978 focused its efforts on the needs of residents and organizations within the St. Vrain Valley region.  These include Longmont Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, and substantial contributions to the annual Longmont fireworks display.  Each year we serve up a Thanksgiving dinner and entertainment to the residents of Mountain View Plaza, ring bells for the Salvation Army, help out with travel expenses for local youth interested in service to this community, and support local public events.
We have annually supported Longmont Baseball League, local Boy Scout troops,
And we are working on a sustainable scholarship program for St Vrain Valley area students interested in college and vocational training. We are also regularly approached by many other local organizations asking for assistance in serving needy clients in the area.

Many of these causes involve our personal time and effort, and that is the club’s preferred vehicle of support.  But some require significant funding, and it is in this area the foundation will concentrate. The Skyline Longmont Kiwanis Foundation seeks donations through an IRS 501(c)(3) approved vehicle, and is able to provide receipts for your records.  We will accept property in addition to liquid funds.  For example, one our first “projects” involved the donation of a classic auto to the foundation, which in turn was donated to the club, who then held a raffle, funds used for projects such as those listed above. 100% of net proceeds will be allocated…ZERO director compensation of any kind.  We also attempt to comply with individual donor requests regarding manner of distribution.

We hope you will consider SLK when choosing your annual charitable contributions, beneficiaries, and bequests.


Jim Dill, Chairman
Dick Larsen, Secretary/Treasurer
Dan Vonalt
Scott Nix
OJ Pratt
Bill Stone
John Marlin